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About me

Hi, My name is Tatjana Michlig 

I have always had a love for photography even before I knew how to use a camera. My mom used to get mad at me when I was a little girl because I would take her camera and run around the house taking photos of random things such as my Barbie’s and she wouldn’t know until she got the film developed a few months later! 


I didn’t think of photography as a career choice until after my college years. My husband was in the military and I was looking for something short term to support our income while I moved around the country with him. Therefore I am a completely self taught photographer. I hope none of you are able to find a vault of the first photos I took! I am so thankful to all of my amazing clients for sticking with me through the years as I slowly learned this amazing art and made it my own. As you may have realized this short term hobby turned into a long term love. I now take pictures on evenings and weekends and stay home with our two beautiful little girls during the weekdays. 


My photography focuses mainly on family and children . I really enjoy capturing life as it happens! Life is not a frozen posed moment therefore I love my images to capture real expressions and interactions.


I hope you enjoy my photography and feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for taking your time to visit my photography page!


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